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Online privacy is a massive issue that has to be taken care. The privacy issue is a major concern for the internet users, proxies and VPN services which are becoming increasingly important tools for privacy-conscious in the world. The various VPN providers are just working out for market share and mindshare of users worldwide...

How to Configure Google in Outlook after two factor authentication?

Google in Outlook
You all have the two-factor authentication of Google in Outlook so as to protect the Google Apps from the hackers. As only you can get the verification code via your mobile phone your account will be more secured in the two-step verification. Using email clients to receive emails to protect your Google Apps Accounts...

10 apps should not Download

apps should not Download
You should consider the app which not in use in your app to uninstall them which causes big battery drain, or consumes excessive data. The checking of these of kind of apps can be done from the battery settings page for battery usage and from a settings page for data settings. Here there is a...

10 Best Web Browser for Mac OS

Best Web Browser
Web Browsing is one of the important tasks on the Scathe best web browser for the Android and IOS cannot be best for Mac OS. Mac OS is growing as the best OS among the users. It is the most preferred among the users. The list of the top 10 best web browser is as...

The most suitable app in my phone : Next Lock App

Next Lock App
Apps have become an important part of our life. Let us talk about the most useful app in your mind. What clicks in your mind? Some of you say Whats app, Facebook and many more. It is your choice. You have set criteria which help to out to find your most suitable app on...

iPhone at 7777/ Airtel luring in to a scam?

Iphone at 7777
So, on October 16, 2017, Ria was watching T.V with her family. When suddenly an ADD on T.V made her scream to her core. As she was shocked on knowing that “THE iPhone” was only available at 7777/- The BHARTI AIRTEL India’s largest telecom services provider, on 16th Oct, announced the launch of its latest digital innovation –...

Has iPhone become a status symbol for the users in metro cities?

This will be the hard work if you are asked to find out the old keypad phones or its users because now a day, almost every person is a smartphone user. As it has become a common thing so people are now trying to maintain a status by using an iPhone and this is...

How to make money with a blog? Top 5 ways!

how to make money
All bloggers like me have a question, how to make money with a blog? And it's 100% genuine question. Bloggers work hard, spending their time in the creation of articles. There are lots of ways to monetize your blog but I am sharing the best five way to monetize your blog. Adsense I think you must...

How to speed up your computer? 3 quick steps

How to speed up your computer
Often people ask how they can increase the speed of their computer. People always keep looking for ways to increase the speed of their computer. If you are also irritated by the slow speed of your computer, go on reading. How to speed up your computer? 3 quick steps 1.Performance Troubleshoot If you want a better performance...

Things to keep in mind when Phone on Fire

Phone on Fire
In past few months, there is an increase in the incidents of Phone on fire. Due to overheating of the device this incident happens. It is not happening only in some brands but risk prevails in all the phone brands. Laptops have also burst in the past because of overheating of the battery. In some incidents, it also happened that chemical inside the battery by mistake mix and cause an accident. Warning Signs not to overlook If battery feels like too hot Battery not holding charge for a long time There is a lump on the device while being hot Fume or spark coming from the phone Things not to forget in case of fire or overheating of the phone  If the phone is overheated. Do not ignore the problem Never touch the heated phone with bare hands as it could cause injury or burn or can cause chemical burns which are really bad. Do not attempt to move the phone when on fire, if it's left in covered space area, it would be better to leave it, to avoid inhaling toxic fumes coming from the phone. Not to use water to extinguish the fire, it can cause the phone to explode as it might trigger battery’s chemical reaction and act as a grenade. Not to leave the phone on charging for a long time as could heat the battery excessively and burst. Do not leave the phone unattended when a phone is too hot rather keep the phone in the isolated area, also away from the flammable objects. (put it on the concrete floor instead of table) Immediately turn off device when it is too much heated Not to rush faster when carrying a heated phone as it can push combustive parts inside the phone battery together. Use a pair of tongs or gloved hands to touch the phone. Do not use leather gloves as they are non-flammable but not flame Oven mitt and towel can be used to touch the fumed phone. Do not forget to contact the carrier company or retail store, who sold the device, in the incident of fire. If the bump on the device continues to increase, then immediately isolate the device and take further precautions. Do not throw the fumed device in the trash but dispose of it properly in open area. Keep distance from the phone when it is already on fire as nothing much can be done then. If the battery starts producing hissing sound, then it means its already in a dangerous situation and one should immediately get rid of it in a responsible way. When the phone is on fire it releases toxic gasses and when throwing it, be careful not to inhale it. Throw the fumed device away from children, pets and public place. If phone catches fire inside the house, check that other things close to it don’t catch fire. Do call the emergency services as soon as possible. Extinguish fire with the help of fire extinguisher, baking soda or sand whichever is available immediately. Must Read-3...


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