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3 Instagram Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing

1. Hashtags In Comments Hashtags(#) are an awesome approach to ride the flood of slanting points and get seen by individuals who may not tail you right now. One mix-up that numerous advertisers do is to mess their picture portrayal with many drifting hashtags. They do this in the desire of getting most extreme perspectives...

How to select an Advertising Agency

Number of advertising agency wanting your business but how can you choose best for your company? The selection of advertising agencies depends on whether one wants a full-service agency or part time agency. The selection is also made on basis of compatibility of the agency team, agency stability, services, credibility and the agency’s problem...

Minimum Wages Act: Wage Policy In India

A wage bill is an important part of the production cost. For any reason whatever, if the wage bill increases beyond the paying capacity of an employer, the very survival of the firm becomes difficult. From the employees point of view 'wages' determines his standard of living. Wage policy, therefore, it is an important issue...

Now Marketing ‘dictates’ what is to be produced

A marketing bridges the gap between the market and the firm. If market changes by size, trend, competition or other environmental factors, marketing functions have to be adjusted. The role of marketing can be compared to the skeleton of the human body. It provides a framework within which function take place. This is all...

Concept of Social Marketing

The term Social Marketing was first introduced in 1971 to describe the growing use of marketing tools and techniques to promote social cause, ideas and behavior. Social marketing is the application of marketing methods to spread socially beneficial ideas or behaviors. It combines the best delimits of the traditional approach to social change in...

Importance of advertisement in Politics

It is a very common term known to the man "Advertising"  it means a public announcement. Advertising has gained a significant place in the different areas of society. It has now entered the area of politics, social achievements and economic growth. The significance of the role of adverting in politics become vividly clear when political...

The importance of employee satisfaction.

Each individual has its own requirement and his fulfillment of this requirement motivates the person to perform better. So for the success of any organisation, it is very essential that it understands the motivational factor of each individual and plan accordingly. It is true that each person requires fulfillment of basic needs. But after fulfillment...

Concept of Sales Promotion

Sales promotion describes promotional methods using special short-term techniques to persuade members of a target market to respond or undertake certain activity. Sales promotions are often confused with advertising. Sales promotion involve finding target market, determining objective and tasks, budgeting for promotion, selecting promotional media, evaluating promotional effectiveness and controlling he promotion elements. Promotion, one of the major variable with which the marketing...

How to prepare for a job interview

At an interview, a person has to give his best shot. He obviously will feel nervous but in order to outperform everyone else he has to shed his fears. He must present himself in the best possible way. The key points which must be kept in mind while presenting yourself in an interview: Know the...

Important Selling Skills That Every Sales Person Must Know

There are numbers of selling skills that every sales people should know. Here are most important skills that every sales person must have to maximize selling. Prospecting- Prospecting is the process of identifying the prospective clients. There can be various ways to prospect such as asking for referrals from common friends and relatives, using primary and secondary data...


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