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7 fruits are not only delicious but good for skin

Everyone wants to have beautiful skin. Due to our lifestyle issues, dust and pollution our skin start losing its beauty. Somehow, we are responsible for our skin problems. Our careless attitude invites the skin problems like dullness, pimples much more. Next step, we find to get rid of these problems …

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Four Easy and Delicious Breakfast Recipes

Delicious Breakfast

You know that breakfast is the first meal of the day. You need to have tasty and healthy breakfast. However, it gives you the energy to work hard. Breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day. Now people have started avoiding breakfast. This is the important agenda. You can …

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Unhealthy food and Health don’t compliment each other

Unhealthy food

We all love to eat. There is ample Variety of foods. Some prefer to eat only veg, some non- veg, small kids and teenager love to it junk food. We all know that green leafy vegetables and organic food are much better than food at ‘thelas’. But junk food attracts …

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Three easy to cook South Indian Dishes for a newly wed bride

South Indian Dishes

I know that many new wedded brides are in trouble situation. They do not know what to make. In your in-law’s house, you feel the absence of your mom. She guides in your cooking. Now you feel shy to ask your mom-in-law. Not to worry newly wedded brides. You may …

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Why You Should Drink Coconut Water?

coconut water

First, I’m going to tell you why coconut water is hot right now. Then I’m going to tell you why you should drink coconut water? Odds are, if you are from North America, Europe, or Africa, you’re asking whether or not you should buy into the coconut water fad.  I …

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5 foods to never eat in the morning breakfast

5 foods to never eat

Breakfast is a very important thing for human body. But choosing the right food to eat can make your breakfast more meaningful. Here are 5 foods to never eat in the morning after you wake up Never eat bread or any bread-like food If you eat bread at the beginning …

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Green vegetables can lower the chances of being stressed

green vegetables

We have been hearing the benefits of fruits and vegetables since our childhood. It is always advisable to eat green vegetables. Doctors also approve the importance of green vegetables to stay healthy. Green vegetables are beneficial for health, but at the same time, it is beneficial for you in many …

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These unknown benefits of honey will leave you amazed

benefits of honey

Honey is an ancient food. Its benefits include the following remedies, taken from each conventional and modern-day medical experts. Sweetener: it may be used as an alternative to sugar in many food and drinks. It incorporates approximately 69% glucose and fructose, allowing it to be used as a sweetener that is better to …

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You should also know the benefits of eating lentils and rice

lentils & rice

There will hardly be an Indian who does not like pulses and rice. Dal-rice is considered to be the most popular food in India. It is eaten in most parts of India. Lentils and rice are self-contained food. It can be eaten from young children of one year too young …

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5 Things You Should Know About (and Do With) Your Egg


Eggs are very beneficial for health. Most people like to eat eggs for breakfast, so they buy a dozen eggs together in the refrigerator and put them in the fridge. However, the eggs kept in the fridge are not quickly spoiled but many times the poor eggs are found only …

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