What is Dermal Fillers Treatment?

Dermal Fillers
Dermal Fillers are the injections that add volume to your face. This offers a subtle, but efficient treatment for your skin. However, you can see immediate improvements in your skin. Dermal Fillers re-inflates your face. At the time you are born, you have the volume on your face. As the time passage, the volume...

”oh my god, why my nose is bleeding??”

EPISTAXIS is not a disease but a symptom. It is presented by internal bleeding from the nose. CAUSES:- Local- Trauma due to nails, Any injury, Hereditary, Infections Systemic- Cardiovascular causes, Blood clotting problems, Kidney diseases, Liver diseases, Idiopathic- That is a cause is unknown. Types:- Two types. 1. Anterior epistaxis i.e. from the anterior part of the nose. Posterior epistaxis i.e....

BREAST FEEDING- the first gift from mother to child

A love between mother and her child not only develop after the birth of her child but from the first day of her pregnancy. In making this love stronger breastfeeding plays an important part. INTRODUCTION:- Breastfeeding begins within the 1st hour of baby’s life and continues as often and as much as baby wants. During the first...

Stop AIDS keep the promise

WORLD AIDS DAY is celebrated every year on 1st December. The 2017 theme was “My Health, My Right”. It is very important to create awareness to prevent AIDS as it kills about 50 million people worldwide. INCREASE YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF AIDS:- AIDS is caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). It is a retrovirus which means it...


EBOLA virus causes EBOLA VIRUS DISEASE, formerly it was known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever. Its first outbreak took place in 1976 in Zaire. It got its name as it occurred in the houses nearby river EBOLA. Its reservoir host i.e. who doesn’t itself get infected but carries infectious agent is a BAT. It is transmitted...


CATARACT is the opacity of the lens. It was derived from the GREEK word ‘katarraktes’’ which means waterfall. TYPES:- It is of many types but most common are congenital/ developmental and age-related. Congenital one is due to Rubella infection or due to the formation of opaque lens fibers. Age-related one is also known as senile cataract as it...

Cancer and the fight against it

fight against Cancer
Cancer is a process of uncontrollable and random cell growth without any stimulus. It is of 2 types- Benign which does not invade the normal tissues but present at its site. Malignant tumor- which invades the normal tissues, therefore, more dangerous than that of benign one. In India, among males, the most common cancer is...

Women and Diabetes- Our RIGHT to a Healthy Future

INDIA is known as a DIABETIC CAPITAL as most of the diabetic patients live here. Among all states, Punjab is on the top of the list. World diabetes day is always celebrated on 14 November of every year. For 2017 WHO theme for diabetes was- WOMEN AND DIABETES – OUR RIGHT TO A HEALTHY...

5 Overlooked weight loss foods

weight loss foods
Women are obsessed with weight loss. They want to look slim. To look slim and beautiful they try many methods to reduce their weight. Sometimes they are able to lose some pounds. This is not so in the case of every woman. They go to the gym, try new exercises and diet plans. Now a...

Diseases Caused by Obesity

diseases caused by obesity
Obesity is a storehouse of diseases. Most of them are deadly diseases. You should try to lose weight. It is best to lose weight to stay from deadly diseases. You should maintain a healthy weight. You should make sure to reduce the calorie intake. Stay away from fast weight techniques like weight loss pills....


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