Dhanteras: Importance of Buying Gold, Utensils and New Clothes

The five-day festival begins with Dhanteras. It is the first day of Diwali. On this day most of us go out for shopping of new clothes, utensils and gold items. It is auspicious to buy new things on this day. It is believed that on Dhanteras Goddesses Lakshmi visits Earth to give blessings of prosperity...

10 Ways to Celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali

Eco-friendly Diwali
Diwali is on its way just 4 days left. You all have made plans, how to celebrate Diwali. We all know the reason behind celebrating Diwali to welcome Lord Ram, Sita and Laxman coming back to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. It is a festival of lights and happiness but you should take...

Why do only females fasting?

Karva Chauth celebrated yesterday and most of the ladies have fasted for their husband good health and long life. One thing comes to my mind only females have to do fasting for the whole day, without food and water. Is it just? As both male and female are equal? Then why females bear the...

Navratri: 9Avatars of Durga and 9 Colours to wear

9Avatars of Durga
Most of us are excited for the Navratri. The festival of 9 days is known as Navratri. When goddess Durga has worshipped 9 avatars and divine time to start good work. According to the Hindu tradition that this is the time of the year when good wins over evil. "Maa" is considered as a...

Why we celebrate Navratri twice a year?

Navratri has just started to worship Shakti-Goddess Durga. I wish to all of you Happy Navratri pray to god to have great future ahead with good health and prosperity. You feel the melody of bhajans and kirtans all round which gives a pleasant feel to us. The dandiya nights of Gujarat are just awesome great...


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