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Unmet need of Family Planning

Family Planning

INDIA is the second most populous country after CHINA. But soon it is going to be number one if family planning is not done. To stop the increase in population, China had started ‘’one child norm’’.  INDIAN government should also implement such norms. As any country is categorized into developed …

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Government medical hospitals V/S Private medical hospitals

medical hospitals

As patient count in govt. hospitals are always more than that in private ones. So, Govt. medical college students have more chance of gaining clinical knowledge. And of course cost of treatment is also less. But they lag behind the private ones in term of cleanliness. If we look at …

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Note Ban: Changes in India after 1 Year

note ban

No one can forget Note Ban. On Nov 6, 2016, an announcement came for note ban now 500 and1000 notes were not valid. What was your first reaction? You had a Surprise or Shock. I did not know the note ban. Next day when I went for a morning walk. …

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Should Uniform Civil Code Be Implemented in India?

Uniform Civil Code

The implementation of Uniform Civil Code in India has been an issue of debate for a long time. Before every general election, this matter becomes a hot topic for discussion. The ruling government is in support of the Uniform Civil Code. It is necessary to know about Uniform Civil Code. …

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Why are crackers banned only on Diwali? Why not any other occasions like Christmas, New Year Eve?

We all got to know about the Supreme Court decision regarding the ban on the sale of crackers in Delhi-NCR region. The decision comes so late that the businessman deals in crackers of Delhi-NCR region have to suffer and the happiness of the festive reason is ruined by the decision. …

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The Reality of Caste Reservation in India

Caste Reservation in India

Reservation most talked about topic in India. Everybody wants a reservation and by strikes, lookouts and so-called “Morchas” the marches they carry out in the city affect the other people in the city. The main motive is to compel the government to make quotas for them. What is the need …

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Are Schools No Longer Safe For Children?


Parents sent their loved one’s children to the school so that they can study and learn to become responsible citizens of the country but when the parents come to know that their child is injured and some mysterious mishappening has happened but on the issue, the school ‘s reaction is …

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bullet train

Yesterday, 14 September 2017 marked with the golden words in the history of the Indian Railways. The dream of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi will come to reality by 2022. India is on the way to adopt bullet train and the work has been started the first project inaugurated of a …

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Why do people in India blindly follow a so called self proclaimed god man or god woman?

self proclaimed

It is a very important question raising in most of our minds that why we give a normal human being as an honour of God, being unaware of the fact that the person who is wearing orange or white dress considering himself or herself as a “Saanth”. The main problem …

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Why Celebrate – Hindi Diwas?

Hindi Diwas

14 September every year is observed as Hindi Diwas. Today you all of us heard in news and radio but I will not talk about the Origin of Hindi as a language and the history behind it and its status as an official language in the Constitution of our Country. …

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