Self Improvement

What should we learn from Mistakes?

learn from Mistakes
HI Friends. I want to know from you about Mistakes. What clicks on your mind about mistakes? Do not refer to the dictionary meaning. Most of us have done some mistakes. Is it true or not? We all are humans. Mistakes are our right. Do not take in a wrong way. You should be...

What do we learn from kids?

learn from kids
The elders have a mindset that they have faced all the ups and downs of life and gain experience are from them, so they always right. But this is not so, in reality, there can be some situations in which the young ones like your kids, younger brother and sister can come with better...

Turning Point in my life

Turning Point
A life is full of excitement and changes. We don't know in future what will happen. Some incidents happen in our life that changes us. Most of us have faced life-changing incidents. Is it so or not? My motive of sharing my views with my readers so they can get to know about different...

Confusion- Leads to Clarity

Confusion means no clarity what to do and what not to do. I think if I am not wrong most of us has gone to the phase of confusion no clear ideas. All of us come across many situations in our life when we are totally puzzled but sometimes what get clarity but most...

When was the last time when you make someone happy?

make someone happy
Anyone of us can tell that when she or he has laughed a lot and be happy? Starting with a question. Think for a while. I think no answers from your side. In this fast running life, hum khilkar hasana to bhul gaye hai baas ek formal sa smile hoti hai humara face paar...

What Success exactly means?

What Success exactly means
The success the most commonly used word by most of us in our day to day routine. What is meant by to be Successful? If we will see and actually go through the dictionary meaning success is counted as to have wealth, social status and name in the society. Think for while we all...

The 3 step formula for live a happy life

happy life
Everyone wants to live a happy life, but they didn't find the formula how to live a happier life? Here is 3 step formula which helps you to live a happy life 1. Eliminate one thing Think about what is the least important thing in your life and eliminate it today. It does not mean that you...

How to be a good mom or dad? | Parenting

How to be a good mom
How to be a good mom or dad?  Before deciding to have a child, you should judge every aspect of you. Being a good mom or dad is not an easy. Judge yourself Before deciding to have a child, you should judge every aspect of you. How do you sit, stand, speak and respond to the situation?...

The small secret of happiness that change your life

secret of happiness
The small secret of happiness that change your life Keep in mind that being happy is your basic responsibility The first and most important responsibility of a person is to be a happy person from inside. Being happy is not the extreme aspect of life. This is the basic aspect of life. If you are not...

Yes! you can erase those bad memory from your brain

bad memory
Memory is the most important things of any person's life. Everyone wants to live with a good memory, but bad memory often disturbs people and people want to get rid of it. There will be many such bad memories in your life, which you had not forgotten until today. Many memories are so painful that it is...


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