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control anger

10 Tips to control anger

Controlling your anger is a challenging task. In fact, you should take time out for you understand the root cause of your anger. Moreover, make the use of I statements…

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Famous People and their reading habits

Reading is a good habit. Every one of us should read books. You should read the books you like. However, You should not copy others. Even, You can get the…

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mood swings

How to cope up with the mood swings in children?

We all are about the Pradyuman case. News channels are full of the news regarding the latest proceedings in the case. CBI theory proves that class 11th boy murder innocent…

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learn from Mistakes

What should we learn from Mistakes?

HI Friends. I want to know from you about Mistakes. What clicks on your mind about mistakes? Do not refer to the dictionary meaning. Most of us have done some…

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learn from kids

What do we learn from kids?

The elders have a mindset that they have faced all the ups and downs of life and gain experience are from them, so they always right. But this is not…

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Turning Point

Turning Point in my life

A life is full of excitement and changes. We don’t know in future what will happen. Some incidents happen in our life that changes us. Most of us have faced…

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Confusion- Leads to Clarity

Confusion means no clarity what to do and what not to do. I think if I am not wrong most of us has gone to the phase of confusion no…

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make someone happy

When was the last time when you make someone happy?

Anyone of us can tell that when she or he has laughed a lot and be happy? Starting with a question. Think for a while. I think no answers from…

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What Success exactly means

What Success exactly means?

The success the most commonly used word by most of us in our day to day routine. What is meant by to be Successful? If we will see and actually…

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happy life

The 3 step formula for live a happy life

Everyone wants to live a happy life, but they didn’t find the formula how to live a happier life? Here is 3 step formula which helps you to live a…

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