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Role of Education in Freedom of Thoughts

Freedom of Thoughts

According to there is a close connection between the role of education and freedom of thoughts. Every one of you knows that education is important for us. Somehow, you are using it in a right way or not. I think so some of you may run from this question. This …

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Sensex ends at the record high touching 34000 mark


BSE Sensex touches 34000 marks of a record high on Tuesday trading. A day after Christmas is the lucky date for the Indian share market. Even Nifty successfully crosses 10000 marks. Somehow, in the global market, there was a different situation. Due to the holiday, trading in the world market …

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Unhealthy food and Health don’t compliment each other

Unhealthy food

We all love to eat. There is ample Variety of foods. Some prefer to eat only veg, some non- veg, small kids and teenager love to it junk food. We all know that green leafy vegetables and organic food are much better than food at ‘thelas’. But junk food attracts …

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