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How to cope up with the mood swings in children?

mood swings

We all are about the Pradyuman case. News channels are full of the news regarding the latest proceedings in the case. CBI theory proves that class 11th boy murder innocent Pradyuman. It is shocking to know the reason. The boy did not want to have exams and PTM. He kills …

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Are Schools No Longer Safe For Children?


Parents sent their loved one’s children to the school so that they can study and learn to become responsible citizens of the country but when the parents come to know that their child is injured and some mysterious mishappening has happened but on the issue, the school ‘s reaction is …

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Should kid reality shows be banned? | Indian Reality TV shows

reality shows

Television has become an integral part of our life. Although print and radio has been the medium of communication for a long time, the emergence of visual media has changed the way in which the communication is done to masses. The ability to attract an audience through the visual medium …

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Social media tips for parents if their child using social media

social media tips

A research has revealed that one in every three children in the age limit of 12 to 15 years wakes up at night unintentionally at least once in a week. The research is important because social media is affecting the children this far. The research team of Cardiff University found …

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This is how peer group affects human behavior

peer group

When children re-locate from family to child-care centers, college, and the grouped community most importantly, they start to create parts, and friendships emerge through their play. These associations influence behavior. Even babies and small children are found responding to other newborns by coming in contact with them, by crying when …

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अपने बच्चों को ऐसे सिखाएं रिश्तों की अहमियत


मैं, मेरा, मुझे…. आपने भी कई बच्चों को ऐसी भाषा में बात करते हुए सुना होगा। वे न तो अपने खिलौने ओर किसी के साथ बांटना चाहते हैं और न ही कोई और चीज। घर में कोई रिस्तेदार या सगे सम्बन्धी आते हैं तो बच्चे अपने कमरे में ही रहना …

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