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How to Update yourself with emerging trends

emerging trends

In your job, each project comes with new challenges. This is the best part of the job. It makes you learn new things. It is important to update yourself with the latest and emerging trends of the technologies. The following ways can useful for you to update yourself with the …

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Why Social Media Marketing is relevant for restaurants?

Social Media Marketing

We are in a world which is 24*7 connected to social media like twitter and facebook etc. The marketers find easy to reach out to the potential customers with the help of social networking sites. Studies have revealed that around 97% of the global shares of the companies use the …

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How Selfie has become a trend in India Society?

Selfie has become trend

Food, clothing and shelter are important for the existence of human beings. In today’s technological world apart from food, clothing and shelter, the need which is most important for us and its demand has drastically risen is a mobile phone, selfies and what’s app. Many types of mobile phone options …

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Facebook fan page :How to be famous

facebook fan page

Facebook is a social media network and for becoming social you will have to connect with people. Social life is a difficult task in the real world, but it is not hard on Facebook. Facebook is the most widely used social platform. So here are some tips to be famous …

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Social media tips for parents if their child using social media

social media tips

A research has revealed that one in every three children in the age limit of 12 to 15 years wakes up at night unintentionally at least once in a week. The research is important because social media is affecting the children this far. The research team of Cardiff University found …

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Facebook Addiction: signs that you’re addicted to social media

Facebook Addiction

If you are on this site, you probably already heard of the not-so-new Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD). Do you have a Facebook addiction? Like with any other addiction, there are a few signs which can help us diagnose this so called FAD. Let’s take a look at them together, in this …

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Kapil Sharma says Sunil Grover is my brother

kapil sharma

Comedian Kapil Sharma cleared the news of the fight in the serial ‘The Kapil Sharma show’ with the co-star Sunil Grover. Kapil has written the Facebook post as “unnecessary”. However, the Facebook post is getting clear that he had a fight with Sunil Grover. He has this feud as a …

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3 Instagram Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing


1. Hashtags In Comments Hashtags(#) are an awesome approach to ride the flood of slanting points and get seen by individuals who may not tail you right now. One mix-up that numerous advertisers do is to mess their picture portrayal with many drifting hashtags. They do this in the desire …

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3 Tips To Become a Social Media Guru!


The web has 3.17 billion clients and out of them, there are 2.3 billion dynamic online networking clients. With the quantity of web clients expanding step by step, the tally of online networking clients is likewise at its pinnacle. Step by step, extraordinary online networking stages are propelled that convey …

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