Android 7.1 Nougat Is Causing Critical Problems To Nexus Devices


The new form of Android Nougat 7.1 (Nougat) is by all accounts laden with issues, in any event for Nexus 6P clients. As the Nexus 6P proprietors are reporting Boot loop issues on their telephones.

The new form of Android Nougat 7.1 (Nougat), which arrived not long ago at Google gadgets, guaranteed a scope of news and new elements. Still accessible for these models, it will soon be reached out to whatever remains of the Android universe.

In any case, this new form of Android is by all accounts laden with issues, at any rate for Nexus 6P clients.

The Nexus 6P, Google’s cell phone made in an organization with Huawei, is by all accounts the main gadget of the Nexus line is being influenced by the most recent Android Nougat issues. These cases started to rise after Google discharged this form, which uncovers the wellspring of the issue.

This most recent Android imperfection is bringing about the Nexus 6P to quit booting, getting inconclusively to show the Google logo and not booting. Numerous clients report this disappointment, and its portrayal indistinguishable in all cases.

“The gadget boots up to Google Logo and stall out on that. The Android boot movement NEVER appears. Clearing reserve, processing plant resetting and stacking manufacturing plant pictures DO NOT settle the boot circle either”.

Google focuses on this issue as an equipment disappointment and inclinations everybody to contact the purposes of the offer so that the circumstance is settled. The odd thing is that the quantity of these cases developed simply in the wake of introducing the most recent variant of Android on these cell phones.

Here is the thing that Google expressed “We comprehend that a little number of clients are encountering a boot loop issue on your gadget. We are keeping on exploring the circumstance, yet can affirm this is entirely an equipment related issue. For those of you that are right now encountering this, please contact your place of procurement for guarantee or repair alternatives.

We’re sad for the brother and value your proceeded with tolerance”.

The issues of Android Nougat 7.1 on the Nexus 6P don’t stop at startup. There are likewise many reports of issues with the battery. Numerous clients report that the batteries, when they achieve normal estimations of load, kill suddenly.

A client called mcirtain remarked on the Google proclamation that “How could it be that two separate merchants, Huawei and LG, both have a similar issue, which got to be distinctly obvious after a similar basic occasion, which was a product overhaul?”.

Numerous clients report that there is no set esteem for this shutdown. Obviously, Android can no longer ascertain the estimation of the battery and turns itself off. Google is as of now examining the case and will soon accompany an answer for this issue.