Online Shopping Now Brings You Rich Shopping with Limited Budget

No matter if you love watching television or browsing the internet, you might have definitely come across the advertisements of e-commerce portals that assure you of only selling 100% genuine, branded products. And the moment they tell you that they only offer branded products; most people assume that the products ought to be expensive....

6 Unexpected Facts about Love You Always Wanted to Know

Facts about Love
People are constantly looking for love. This is something we can’t live without. Even in the 21st century we still can’t comprehend the workings of love. Throughout the history of mankind, people have tried to solve the mystery of love. But in vain. There are so many unexplainable things about this the most beautiful...

6 Signs That She Is Interested in You | Love Life

She Is Interested
Every man would like to know how to understand that she is interested in him. But the problem of the majority lies in the fact that some information and knowledge is not enough to understand that she likes you. Or there is enough information but there is not enough courage and willpower to start...

3 Types of Women Who Are Ready For Casual Sex

casual sex
Casual sex is the same tempting and rare, like an evening of violent alcoholic libations without a subsequent hangover. Or like a new shoe that will not rub your foot on the first day. However, "rarely" does not mean "never". But we have good news for you: according to modern sexologists, almost every woman...

क्या छात्रों को करियर काउंसलर की सेवा लेनी चाहिए ?

करियर काउंसलर
एक छात्र और उनके माता-पिता की कड़ी मेहनत इसी ‘करियर’ शब्द पर टिकी होती है I एक समय था जब छात्रों के पास नौकरी(करियर) के सीमित विकल्प होते थे तब उनको अपने लिए एक सही करियर का चयन करना आसान होता था | लेकिन, आज जब नौकरी के विकल्प बहुतायत हैं, छात्रों की दुविधा...

Launch of a Career Guidance Book HOTTEST 100 CAREERS

A career book titled HOTTEST 100 CAREERS by Mr Kamal Asif was released by ‘LAKSHYA – Discover Your Career’ was launched on 20-July-15 at the Hotel Panache. The book was released by well-known former DGP of Bihar & renowned educationalist Mr Abhayanand who congratulated Mr Kamal Asif for writing this book and said that...

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