Homemade Tips for Beard Growth

Beard Growth

Beard is not just playing a significant role in the beauty of a man but also increase developing her personality. The trend these days is to increase beard but there are some boys which remain sad because of the low beard growth. For this, they do many types of experiments for his beard. They mostly fail to increase their beard. If you also have problems of low increasing a beard then you can do away with this problem by a home made solution.

If you also have problems of low Beard Growth then you can do away with this problem by a home made solution.


Gooseberry oil and apply on the face, hair grow quickly. Put the gooseberry oil on the face and wash the face with cold water after the twenty minutes. If you like you can also put it on your face with the mixed of mustard leaves. For this Grind some leaves of the mustard and make the paste with the help of some drops of Gooseberry oil. Now put this paste to the place of beard and splash it after 15 minutes. After doing this process four times in a week, you’ll see the difference of this.

Coconut Oil

For growing the beard hair, coconut oil can be used regularly. For this mixed the Coconut oil with the Gulmehndi oil with the ratio of Ten of One and massage it. Put it for the fifteen minutes and wash it with the cold water.


Exercise improves the blood circulation that helps to the growth of hair. For this, you can exercise daily for 20 minutes. This will help you to the growth of hair.


You should use the quantity of Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and the Vitamin E in your food. This will help you to the growing your hair fast.

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Let hair grow

At the beginning of increasing, beard hair will look incomplete and poorly. As soon as the hair will grow. Rising gradually to Facials own hair will get time to develop. The blanks visible between the hairs will be hidden so be patient and let his beard grow and develop.