iPhone at 7777/ Airtel luring in to a scam?

Iphone at 7777

So, on October 16, 2017, Ria was watching T.V with her family. When suddenly an ADD on T.V made her scream to her core. As she was shocked on knowing that “THE iPhone” was only available at 7777/-

India’s largest telecom services provider, on 16th Oct, announced the launch of its latest
digital innovation – the Online Store, where The iPhone 7 (32 GB) is available at a down payment of just Rs 7777 and 24 monthly installments of Rs 2499. The monthly installments have a built-in high-end postpaid plan which offers 30 GB data, unlimited calling (local, STD, national roaming), and Airtel Secure package that covers the device against any physical damage and offers cyber protection- As was Reported by AIRTEL

RIA, was very delighted and impressed by the NEW SCHEME(As Everyone has a craze about iPhone). Her, the Elder sister who was watching her closely, Instantly Checked on for more details on the INTERNET and called RIA, She being unaware that all her Excitement was about to get crashed! As her Elder sister explained.

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Airtel was offering iPhone 7(32 GB) on the DOWNPAYMENT of 7777/-, but there is a catch
The thing is that you will need to pay 2499 for 24 months, that is you will need to pay
a total of 7777 + 2499 for 24 months! Which makes the total price of the phone 67,753/!!

Seriously, Ria? are you gonna pay 67.7k for just a mobile? asked her elder sister. Ria was stunned as the Market value of the same phone in online outlets is just 40K!

Airtel is offering a phone worth of 40k @ 67.7k, so there is an increase of about 40%!
You decide whether it is a scam or not?