The Chanakya Against Alexander


He is bravest and deadly
He is Alexander the great. In the 14 century B.C Alexander rules more than half of the world but its not enough he wants more hungry to expand his empire.
Alexander’s new target was INDIA at that time. India divided into six region of kingdom each continuously fighting to other.Indain kingdoms began to fall one by one. A teacher from taxila VISHNUGUPT CHANKYA show the real problem. 

… Lack of unity
Began his journey to unite a nation.
Travelled far and wide. He reasoned for unity and begged for unity.
As a result many kingdom joined their forces.

He creat sense of togetherness among rulers

The shudraka and malava have decided to fight jointly. With his victory at Achaemenid Empire. Alexander the great taken his first step across indian frontier but its also his last.

Several states of india stand as united against the Alexander.
And next battle side.

Alexander is conducted by 3 hundred thousands indian army

Alexander’s forces were prettified by the sight of indian army.

The greatest conquerer. Man with biggest empire. Greece. Egypt. Afghanistan. Was forced to return.
All because of one mans intelligence
…and communication skills.
This is the power if communication.