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Shabana Khanam

Graduate in History (hons) and PG degree in Computer Science with Distinction. I have more than 2 years experience in BPO Industry and 3 years teaching experience in reputed CBSE School. I am seasoned HR Professional with more than 6 years of experience in HR, Recruitment & Training. I am currently employed as HR Manager with India’s leading Soft Skills Training company. During my free time, I love to utilize my experience to advise students on various aspects of career and skills which can make them successful in life and career. I love to serve Education Industry. I am dedicated to improving the education of all children. I am engaged in Career Counseling for last 1 year.

क्या छात्रों को करियर काउंसलर की सेवा लेनी चाहिए ?

करियर काउंसलर

एक छात्र और उनके माता-पिता की कड़ी मेहनत इसी ‘करियर’ शब्द पर टिकी होती है I एक समय था जब छात्रों के पास नौकरी(करियर) के सीमित विकल्प होते थे तब उनको अपने लिए एक सही करियर का चयन करना आसान होता था | लेकिन, आज जब नौकरी के विकल्प बहुतायत …

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