8 year old ‘Mowgli Girl’ found in UP jungles

You must have heard that some people love animals very much, it is the same with animals that if they live with someone, then they love that person.

Have you ever heard of a human child that behaved like animals? This is not about any film story, this is a reality.

In fact, a very strange case has emerged from Bahraich of UP. The Uttar Pradesh police have found a girl whose behavior is not like any normal person.This girl is 8 years old and she grew around monkeys, not any human being. It is being told that she was staying with monkeys for a long time.

During the usual patrolling of police in police’s Bahraich area of UP, this girl appeared with the monkeys in Katrinaaghat Wild Life Century of Motipur range. Telling about the strange matter, Sub Inspector Suresh Yadav said that when he tried to save this girl, she looked very happy with the monkeys.

He also told that when they wanted to go to her, all the monkeys present there started shouting at them and the girl also screamed on them. After a lot of hard work, they managed to get the Mowgli girl out of there. After this, they admitted the girl to the district hospital for treatment.

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The doctor told that the girl was completely silly and silent. It seems that she does not understand any language, if any person tries to go near the Mowgli girl, then she starts screaming in fear of him. He said that After the treatment, the condition of the girl has improved.She eats food without a hand like animals, she eats directly from her mouth. Along with this, she tried to run from the hospital. That was not normal too because she used all her hands and feet like animals.

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