There is a colony in India where Smoking is totally banned

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Everyone knows that smoking is bad for health but in spite of this many of the people smoke. In India, Many People die daily due to smoking but they don’t leave smoking. We can see many places where it is written that Smokings is injuries to health but we do not feel the precautions by the smoking when this is not passing away with us.

Smokings laws are prohibited in common places in India, but hardly would it have to be strictly adhered to in any part of the country. Even the government is not able to implement the law made for smokings. In this way, the Madhya Pradesh capital is Bhopal’s Green Society, which is totally smoking free zone. Smoking is completely prohibited inside this society. The inspirational thing is that the people living here are strictly enforcing this rule.

The Society’s President Dr. Mahendra Singh Raghuvanshi said that This Society is free from the beginning. For some time, some people living here were breaking this rule. So they were fined. He said that it is necessary to leave smokings to live in this society. The Secretary of the Society, Shekhar Maheshwari said that a person living here will be out smokings if he does so he cannot do anything on this, But smoking inside the society is not tolerated at any cost.

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He told that there is a penalty of 500 rupees for getting caught smokings. The other members of the society say that People will have to try themselves to create a smoke-free colony, otherwise it is not possible. This has been possible in the Green Society with the help of people living in this society.

We should also apply this to around us and prevent from this.

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