How it feels to meet a long lost friend?

How you feel to meet long lost friend? Think for a while. What you feel at the moment when you met a long lost friend may be of your school, college or workplace. You all must be thinking that what kind of person I am? Asking a question in starting only but between the reader and the writer, a two-way communication should be there. Am I saying right? Coming on the topic friends. Anyone of you has remembered how you have made your first friend? Anyways I remember the moment when I make my first friend.

When I started going to school in along with me my neighbour Priyanka, South Indian Girl from Chennai she also had the first day of school both of us were nervous and then started talking with each other, looks weird at a young age what would be our topic of discussion? What color of my cycle? How many dolls I have? Simple and sweet questions as the times pass we were best buddies but a sad moment came when her father got transferred and we had to separate from each other both us were in sorrow but it is life and changes happen in life. After parents and teachers friends play an important role in our life. We can share with them our feelings and emotions.Friends

After parents and teachers, friends play an important role in our life. We can share with them our feelings and emotions. Every moment spends with Friends is very special and memorable but when friends group is a good one then its great but if bad group then what can happen you can know what I am saying?

Remember a famous saying “Friend in need is a friend indeed” When we have separated from our friends its a very emotional situation but hold on. After some time a big surprise for you that guess now. OK I will tell you met a known face but not able to recognize happens with some and including me, now put pressure on your brain. Where I have seen him or her? It clicks on your mind oh! School friend or college friend. Mix blend of feelings going on at that time emotion, happiness and surprise. A situation of total confusion. What to do and what not to do? Yes same case happen with me today, I am the person least active on social networking sites suddenly today decided to make my Facebook account see what happen met a lost friend of school we studied together in school till 10th in Delhi Public School, Bathinda and our families are also good friends his name is Shubham and I send them friend request and he accepted it.Good friends are like

Good friends are like the fragrance of flowers you can feel their existence everywhere even they are not with you.

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