How to attract a girl by leaving your friend group

If you want to talk to a girl, and she’s been returning your glances from across the room, and you’d like to increase your chances of running into her, you’ve got to separate yourself from your group.

There’s almost no way she’s going to come up to you, and introduce herself to you in front of a bunch of people that she doesn’t know – especially if the majority of them are all guys (unless she’s really forward).

So, you’ve got to leave your group to become more accessible in order to increase your chances of an accidental meeting.

Quite often, once you do this, she will also leave her little group, making it oh so much easier for you to approach her.

Remember, big groups can be intimidating.

Also, never go up to a group of girls with your group of guy friends.

At best it complicates things, and at worst it freaks them out.

It can be really intimidating for a few girls to see a group of guys all coming over to them. Even if you all have the best of intentions, they will automatically assume the worst.

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It can totally complicate things for you as well because chances are one of your buddies may have his eye on the girl that you do. After all, I’m sure you have pretty good taste, and at least ONE of your buddies is bound to think the same way.

This may cause both of you to go for the same girl, effectively ruining both of your chances for success.

This principle is illustrated perfectly in the movie, A Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it. It will illustrate this point very well.

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