How to use a Condom? Safe sex tips for men

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Having a safe sex you should know How to use a Condom? unused condom. Proper condom use: avoiding common mistakes.

Typical unused condom

  1. Open the condom wrapper carefully, avoiding to damage the condom with your fingernails or teeth. Put on a condom only after the penis is showing a partial or full erection and before introducing the penis inside the partner’s body. Be sure that the roll is on the outside, else the condom wouldn’t roll and your penis could loose the erection. Don’t use the same condom twice or more, unless you live in a poor country and you can afford only one condom in a while. If you have no chance but re-using a condom, wash your condom very well after each use.
  2. Air trapped inside a condom during intercourse can cause it to break. Squeeze the tip of the condom to leave some extra space in the tip, and only then put on a condom, rolling the condom entirely down to the base of the penis, still pinching the top.
  3. Introduce the penis wherever you want. During sex make sure the condom stays in place; if it rolls up, roll it back into place. If the condom comes off, withdraw the penis and put on a new condom. If you don’t have a new condom, apologize with your partner and make a jump to the nearest drugstore to buy a new one. If this is not possible, relax with a cold shower and learn the lesson for the next time. Always have a backup condom in your pocket!
  4. Soon after ejaculation – or when you are too tired to continue, or you get bored by the intercourse – withdraw the penis, making sure to hold the condom firmly in place. Remove the condom only once the penis is fully withdrawn.
  5. Avoid pouring the semen from the used condom onto your partner’s genitals – this could spoil all your previous efforts. Wrap the condom in a tissue or close it with a knot and place it in the trash. If no trash can is available in the surroundings, put in a safe place (no, a bank is NOT a safe place). Flushing it down the toilet is not the easiest way to get rid of it. Don’t put it in the fridge to preserve the sperm. Don’t use it to cook pancakes.

This is how a condom is looking after use

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Proper Condom Use: Avoiding Common Mistakes

  1. Make sure the roll is on the outside. Else the condom will jeopardize your erection.
  2. Make sure there is a reasonable amount of empty space left at the tip of the condom. Also a penis needs to “breath”.
  3. Don’t use two condoms at once. If you want to use two condoms you have to make love twice. Don’t use three condoms at once either.
  4. Avoid friction or dryness by using latex-safe lubricants, if you can find some. Ask for advice to your favourite drugstore, explaining your needs in detail. Lack of lubrication is a primary cause of condom breakage and other discomforts. But oil-based lubricants may damage your condom, so beware!
  5. A lot of children have been conceived because of mistakes during withdrawal. Sperm easily flows out of a slipping condom while one is pulling out.

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