The impact of online shopping websites on retailers

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As the technology is changing at a fast pace we have also changed a lot. Now for shopping, we mostly prefer online shopping websites like Flipkart, Amazon and many more. The increasing number of users of the online websites for shopping has affected the retail business. The retailers have competition among themselves but now one more competitor has entered the online shopping website. In the upcoming years, the trend shows in rising of the business of the online website.

The reasons below reflects the impact on retailers of online shopping websites:

Attractive offers

The display of the attractive offers on the online websites attracts the customer in large number. Example- Amazon – Great Indian Sale, Exchange offers at Flipkart. These kinds offer and discounts are not provided by the retailers.

Availability of all products at one place

In the fast moving life, we have less time. It is difficult for us to go the market and move all around to buy different things due to this reason the people move towards online shopping where there is easy availability of things.

Fall in Business

Online shopping has affected the traditional shopping. The retail businessman is indulged in an age of practices and lacks innovation.

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Lack of expertise

The retailers are lack expertise guidance. They are rigid and does not accept changes easily has affected the business.Online websites take feedback from customers and work accordingly.

The retailers have some positive points in them which takes them far away from the online websites like faith of the customers , If there is problem in the things purchased we can go and complaint as Simone is there to listen to us but in online websites most of the times the things are shown in the display is actually different from delivered.The retail businessman needs to work on some change to make the business once again a profit-making venture.

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