Choosing the right colours for your home as per Vastu

It is said that colours in the house have a significant influence on the inhabitants of the house. The home is the place where a person tends to spend most his life and the different colours of the house stimulate different emotions in a person. It is of utmost importance to have the perfect balance of colours in a house to remain positive and lead a healthy life.

Vastu an ancient Indian Science of Architecture and Buildings is used in building and designing homes. This is a science of directions which uses all the five elements of nature which balances them with man and material. This helps in enhanced health, wealth and happiness of the inhabitants of the house.

Colours inspire, create illusions and bring about peace and happiness. Now let us discuss what colours go well for each room of the house:vastu tips

Blue—is the colour of spring and heralds new beginnings, this colour should be used for bedrooms and meditation rooms.

Green- it is the symbol of hope and harmony which is good for study rooms.

Yellow—signifies wisdom and patience and is a good colour for ‘Pooja’ rooms.

Orange- this colour is a symbol of power and spirituality. The subtle shades of this colour are the best vaastu colours and can be used in any room.

Red- signifies power and bravery which can be used in patio, kitchen but not in bedrooms.

Purple- it is a symbol of trust and being a soothing colour can be used for study rooms.

Pink-is the colour of joy and happiness and is good for the master bedroom.

White- this is a soft colour and should be used for the ceilings of the house

Now we can discuss which colour can change a person’s destiny. Life is said to be full of colour and colour is an effect caused by the reflection of light which is in the form of vibrations. The directions, birth number and colour are taken into consideration. All these are according to the vastu principles and when they are balanced the fortune of a person can change automatically.

North East—light blue

East-white or light blue

South –East- related to fire  so orange, pink, silver colours

North- Green, pista green

North-West- area related to air so white, light grey and cream

West-area of water so blue or white

South-West- peach, mud colour or light brown

South- red and yellow

When with the birth number of the person these directions and colours are matched the destiny of a person can change significantly.

Now let us see the particular colours  for bedroom, kitchen and the bathroom.

Bedroom- as per vastu the bedroom should be located in the South-West region of the house and should be painted hues of blue to bring a person health and happiness. It is a cool shade  which evokes serenity and tranquillity, so best for the bedroom.

Kitchen– The South –East zone of the house is befitting for the kitchen and it should be painted orange or red. It is the fire region so these colours enhance the energy of this zone.

Bathroom– they should be situated in the North West region of the house. The ideal colour should be white.

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Colours which one should avoid in the house-

Painting the house in light shades is good. Dark shades like red, brown, gray and black should be avoided. These are high intensity colours which may destroy the energy pattern inside the house causing a dismal environment in the house.


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