Three unfaithful sign if your husband cheating on you

If you suspect your husband cheating on you, chances are, you’re right. But how to know for sure? A cheating spouse will cover their tracks very well, but eventually, they will all get caught. If you know the signs, you can nip an affair in the bud.

Here are three surefire ways to tell if your husband cheating on you:

Has he suddenly started going to a gym and sprucing up his appearance? Those long hours working on his six pack might be a cover for spending time with his lover. Even if you can tell he’s been hitting the weights, you have to ask yourself: Why? Who is he trying to impress?

And finally, does he really spend all those hours at the gym? Thirty minutes of lifting weights might be all he does, but the rest of his time might be spent working out between the sheets with a new lover.

Is he spending all his time at work now? A man who suddenly needs to work lots of overtime might not be clocking all those hours at the office. Watch the paychecks and see if the income rises in correct proportion with those long nights away from home.

Does he suddenly have a conference to attend, or some extensive training, something he has never had to deal with before? It might not be the company that is calling him away from home – it might be his way of getting time alone with someone else.

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Has he surprised you with something new in bed? If he was the kind of man who never wanted to try out new things and suddenly, he’s full of ideas, that’s a big red flag. Where did he learn such things? Why does he want to try them now, after you’ve been together for so long?

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And if he’s really good at the new things he wants to do, you have to wonder where he found the time to practice all of that – and who his practice partner might be.

Pay very close attention to these things and if your husband is trying any of them, be suspicious! You already suspect something is going on, so by learning about all the signs, you can protect yourself.

These get you started, but there are hundreds of more tip-offs to a cheater. Learn them all!

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