This is how urine tells about many diseases

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Water works as a purifying agent for our body. The toxic elements of our body have washed away with the water as urine. Urine contains urea and many other ingredients. More than this urine can tell us about many diseases. The color of urine is a big factor in my diseases.

Yellow urine: If urine is yellow in color, it shows that you may be having a liver problem. It also shows the deficiency of water in the body. So, ask yourself if you are drinking enough water? The deficiency of water in the human body can furthermore cause many problems because the toxic products are not washed away from the body regularly.

Black, red or purple urine: If urine is purple in color, it shows that there must be blood leaking in the urinal passage. Red urine also indicates the same. But if the urine is black in color, you should meet your doctor. Because it is a sign of the dangerous amount of blood leaking in urinal passage.

White or Sticky urine: If urine of a person is white or sticky, then that person’s urine has sperm leakage via urinal passage. It occurs in males. It is a sign of sexual disease. White or sticky urine can also contain albumin.

Urine with puss: If the urine contains puss, there may be An infection in the urinary system. The infection may be in the urinal passage or in the kidney.

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Urine attracting ants: If on the urinal place, there gather ants, it is a sign of diabetes. The infected person has a high level of sugar in the body and the urine of such person also contains sugar attracting ants. So if you see any ants gathering around in your urinal place, you should see your doctor for diabetes or sugar level test.

Briefly, checking your urine regularly seems absurd but can tell you about many diseases.

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