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3 Types of Women Who Are Ready For Casual Sex

Casual sex is the same tempting and rare, like an evening of violent alcoholic libations without a subsequent hangover. Or like a new shoe that will not rub your foot on the first day. However, “rarely” does not mean “never”. But we have good news for you: according to modern sexologists, almost every woman at a certain moment of life can and is ready to offer you herself exclusively for sex.

Similar erotic fleeting adventures (often associated with a difficult stage in life or even with a crisis) happened to almost all women. In a similar state, the ladies usually cease to be cautious, pretend that “we are not like everyone else”, and also find fault with the purity of shoes and the bloodline of potential candidates. A woman in this state can give a rough, but fast sex to anyone who is close by and will not slow down the process of rapprochement.

We selected the three most revealing stories for you. Comments of a sexologist are attached:

  1. “We were dating for two years and parted with a big scandal. While I was throwing his things out, my boyfriend told me that I’m very boring. It turned out that only impotent would not want to have sex with another woman. I was shocked. The plan was born: to dye my hair radically red, to pierce my nose and to make a tattoo on my back. I wanted to prove that I was capable of doing unexpected actions. But everything turned out unexpectedly. One Saturday night, my university friend wrote to me. Once upon a time we had a relationship. A non-serious, non-binding romance between two young people. We started a correspondence. Banal questions and the same answers. At some point, I suggested a meeting. My friend reacted instantly: Great idea! But now I’m with a friend at a bar, we’ve just met …I answered unexpectedly for myself: come both! And buy a martini bottle on the road. I still do not really understand how that evening ended with a threesome. But that’s exactly what it ended up. In the morning, of course, I was wildly ashamed, awkward and generally …oooh, what was that? But in the soul there was some completely idiotic feeling of exultation.” Surely you have only one question: “How, where to find such a lecherous avenger?” The answer is you cannot do it by self. Girls who try to cure a broken heart by the “wedge method” usually go out on their own. And this is their main identifying sign: uncharacteristic (in general for women), even some kind of paranormal initiative. Well, this story can actually help you in picking up a Russian girl at the bar.
  2. Busy Beauty. “For seven years I actively built my career. At this time in my life was very little sex. The reason was very banal and boring: I did not have time for new acquaintances. Work was the center of my life. I also visited my parents sometimes and went to the GYM four times a week. It was in the locker room of the GYM where I met Jennifer. After this meeting, my life changed. I used to know almost nothing about the night life of my city. Unlike Jennifer, who worked as a make-up artist and knew all the fashionable places and clubs. Men constantly approached us in clubs, offered to get acquainted. We were always treated. Not surprisingly that such meetings often end in casual sex. For those half a year that I was hanging out with Jennifer, I had at least 20 men. Sex in cars, spending the night in cool hotels, some shabby huts. I had adventures for every taste.” In fact, “busy beauty” is an invaluable product of emancipation. For such “business ladies” spontaneous club acquaintances are the only way to “unload” and relieve tension. Something like a planned visit to a massagist. From “hunters for oligarchs”, on which you can run into clubs/cafes, “business ladies” are distinguished, for example, by financial independence. They will not diligently tell you that you have to buy the most expensive bottle of champagne and look brazenly at your watches and shoes, figuring out how much they cost.
  3. Victim of romance. “My friend invited me to a new year party, which was arranged by her boss. I agreed but absolutely did not plan to have fun too much. Besides, at that time I had a boyfriend. It is worth noting that our relationship was far from ideal. But honestly, it was not the reason. Just the whole atmosphere of the holiday, the lights on the Christmas tree, on the street snow drips with flakes … After a couple of glasses of champagne, I desperately wanted to kiss and not thinking about anything. Here I saw Sam. He, as far as I remember, did not even have to take special care of me. In fact, I myself dragged him to the room. He was cool: tall, humorous, kissing well. We also got it right with sex. In other circumstances, I would most likely be glad to continue to communicate. But at breakfast he accidentally mentioned that he works in other State… and he visits our city few times a year.” This is the most classic story. Such girls who voluntarily become victims of romance can be found at any party. Saw the light in her eyes and the silent offer to have fun? Act boldly!

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