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You should also know the benefits of eating lentils and rice

lentils & rice

There will hardly be an Indian who does not like pulses and rice. Dal-rice is considered to be the most popular food in India. It is eaten in most parts of India. Lentils and rice are self-contained food. It can be eaten from young children of one year too young …

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Healthy food to feed your child at exam time to be top

healthy food

Taking tension, at the time of the exam is common to all students. This effect directly on the career. Even Children’s exam. But this time their parents have much tension then children. If your child’s exam is coming. And you want His numbers will come best in his school or …

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Here Is The List Of Foods Which You Must Never Eat Before Going To Bed!


Maintaining a diet is important and the most important thing is to know what to eat and what not to. Healthy sleep is important and you need to find some ways by which you can sleep peacefully. When we sleep our dreams should be sweet but not the food which …

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