You should also know the benefits of eating lentils and rice

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There will hardly be an Indian who does not like pulses and rice. Dal-rice is considered to be the most popular food in India. It is eaten in most parts of India.

Lentils and rice are self-contained food. It can be eaten from young children of one year too young and old. It is easy to make and they are formed in very short time. Although some people think pulses-rice are boring, there is no shortage of people who eat lentils and rice every day at least once a day.

Dal-rice not only looks good in taste, but it is also beneficial for health. Let us tell you what benefits you can by eating lentils and rice.

1) High-protein food – Lentils are a very good source of protein for vegetarians. There are also proteins in rice. Different types of proteins are found in lentils and rice. When you eat both these, then it becomes a high-protein food. If you eat daily rice then you get good quality protein from this.

2) High-fiber– For those who think that fiber meets vegetables only, this information can be new for them. Not only protein, lentils, and rice have too much fiber. Our body of fiber is very much needed. Fiber keeps our digestive system healthy, helps in its work. Even if you have problems with blood sugar, fiber is also important for you.

3) Easy to digest– You may have noticed that when babies start eating, they are fed lentils and rice. Or if someone is sick, if someone has any problem of the stomach, rice is fed with moong dal. Actually, lentil-rice relaxes your digestion. Proteins found in this are easily broken, which does not stress the digestive process.

4) Give energy– Carbohydrate is found in rice. Carbohydrate gives energy to the body. When you eat lentils with rice, you also get carbohydrates and many essential vitamins.

5) Helpful in weight control– People often leave rice at all to control weight. While this is not right. You can occasionally eat rice with lentils. Actually, the stomach seems to be full quickly by eating lentils rice, it will help you control your weight. Try to eat brown rice instead of white.

6) Satisfaction– the food is healthier for you when it gives you satisfaction. Dal-rice is very easy-to-eat and easily eatable food. It is soft and tighter. It gets satisfaction with eating.

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Eat a salad with lentils and rice to make them more nutritious and tasty. If you do not have any weight problems, then add some ghee on top and eat it, its taste will increase manifold. You can take a little pickle and papad along with it too.

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