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Taking tension, at the time of the exam is common to all students. This effect directly on the career. Even Children’s exam. But this time their parents have much tension then children. If your child’s exam is coming. And you want His numbers will come best in his school or class then slightly changes in their everyday food and Feed them healthy things. Today We are going to tell such things that will help prepare your children’s exams.

Beginning with Healthy Food:-

The gap between children’s Breakfast and dinner is about 10 hours. So let them give some heavy breakfast. Like Oates, muesli, simile, idli can be some good choice. Because these have low glycemic index this helps to supply Glucose continuously.

Keep feeding them Intermissive lightly:-

Heavy Diet in the morning does not mean that you should feed them heavy things in a whole day. After breakfast, Give them time to time lightly and nutritious food. This will get them necessary nutrition at regular intervals And they will be Active his mind will be concentrate on his study. Fresh fruit, fruit smoothies, dry fruit, honey, nuts, engaged, soups, salads are good choices.

Give them Food to enhance memory:-

In the Children, the biggest problem at the time of the exam is to forget. So give them a food that can increase her memory. Fish, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, sesame, soybean oil are good choices. The omega 3 fatty acids found in fish is good for the brain And it increases memory.

Save children from getting sick:-

In the winter seasons, Children often get sick for the exam tension. Because of this, It affects their studies. Give them something to eat at this time that Increase the body’s immunity and they will not be sick at the time of exams. Eggs, fish, carrots, pumpkin, green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, etc. are good choices.

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Keep kids hydrated:-

In the winter seasons, will less thirsty. By this the children drink less water they have a problem with it dehydration and His mind seems to be a bit nervous. Because they can not concentrate on studies. If they do not like to drink much water then give those fresh fruit juices, lemonade, buttermilk or green tea. Yes, but to take care of that keep away from tea, coffee, energy drinks and cold drinks during their examination. It loses the rhythm of Sirasidin and they could not sleep properly.

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