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Shocking Facts, check Number 16 This is amazing.

shocking facts

Smoking 1 Single cigarette will reduce your lift approximately by 11 minutes.   The word Hello was actually invented because no one knew how to start a telephone conversation.   Each 7 years, you will loose half of your friends and replace them with new ones.   Thinking of someone …

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Facts, That stunned your Mind

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is the most awarded and nominated artist of all times. He has won over 500+ major awards. In Japan, You can hire a handsome man to watch sappy movies with you and wipe away your tears. In Denmark, Citizens have to select baby names from a list seven …

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Schools are Encouraging Creativity In Education


The mind of man is a seeker of changing for the better. Modern schools are encouraging creativity. One’s original of thought and innovative practice is causing advancement to human civilization. Creative education is always instrumental in promoting original thoughts and innovations. With a view to achieving this end, the schools …

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