Schools are Encouraging Creativity In Education

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The mind of man is a seeker of changing for the better. Modern schools are encouraging creativity. One’s original of thought and innovative practice is causing advancement to human civilization. Creative education is always instrumental in promoting original thoughts and innovations. With a view to achieving this end, the schools today are awakening and developing whatever is unique in an individual learner, notwithstanding psychological, physical or social differences in each case.

All such differences and uniqueness are being viewed as something to be nurtured or cared for instead of being overlooked. Individual differences indeed are of much more creative consequence. An emphasis laid more on individual originally, inventiveness, newness than something old and outdated gives impetus to creativity. Such an approach encourage a way of excellence in all type of endeavor, whether of intellectual, aesthetic or moral import. To tell the truth, creative education serves as a key to any greatness of effort and that of spirit. The learners are not shaped in a way to fit into a set of educational mold now. The new school provides for much individual instruction, individual initiative and self-learning. The entire school program, designed and organized, fosters creativity besides providing for creative expression in the arts in particular.

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