Shocking Facts, check Number 16 This is amazing.

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  1. Smoking 1 Single cigarette will reduce your lift approximately by 11 minutes.


  1. The word Hello was actually invented because no one knew how to start a telephone conversation.


  1. Each 7 years, you will loose half of your friends and replace them with new ones.


  1. Thinking of someone heavily before falling asleep may actually cause you to appear in their dreams.


  1. There were 72 billionaires lived in London, This is most by a Country.


  1. Research has shown that people are happiest at 7:28 pm on Saturday night.


  1. People who laugh more are better able to tolerate pain, both physical and emotional.


  1. Eating onions and garlic helps your hair grow.


  1. The ring finger is the weakest of all fingers. You can not lift your ring finger without lifting up at least one other finger.


  1. Falling in love with someone within the first hour of meeting typically means as ” Love at first sight”.


  1. There are an estimated 30 million Facebook accounts of people who have already died.


  1. Blue eyes originated 6000 to 10000 years ago as a result of a genetic mutation prior to which all humans had brown eyes.


  1. If a person is looking into your eyes more than 6 seconds without blinking, He/She either wants to kill you or get laid with you.


  1. Popcorn was the first thing cooked in The Oven.


  1. Chocolate Milk was invented by Daniel peter, who sold the concept to his neighbor Henri Nestlé.


  1. Penguins have an organ above their eye that turns saltwater into freshwater.


  1. The first computer mouse was made in 1964, It was made by Wood.


  1. 10,507 is the record of the most nonstop pushups done, made by a Japanese guy.


  1. Sugar was firstly made by India.


  1. Larry Tester was invented of Copy and Paste.

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