57 % doctors are practicing without medical degree.

Your doctor may be one of them. Doctors are believed as a God but you will be stunned after reading this post.  Yes! 57% doctors are practicing without medical degree. Recently World Health Organization (WHO) reported that 31% of the men who say himself as allopathic physician doctor are only intermediate.

Report based on 2001 census WHO has reported in June .It is mentioned in the report, Out of five only one doctor have suitable degree or ability to examine in rural area of India. Senior Officer of Medical Council of India (MCI) told on this report State Medical Council has authority to take action against fake doctors and they should take action. According to latest judgment of Supreme Court, allopathic drugs treatment can not be taken by other practices.

However MCI has refused to confirm the report on 57% doctor practicing without MBBS or BDS degree. They said situation has changed in this interval. According to MCI nine lakh registered doctors are in our country. Grish Tyagi a doctor of Delhi Medical Council told, we filed a case against 200 ineligible medical practices. On national level, data of allopathic, Ayurveda, yunani and homeopathic doctors were 80 and nurses were 61 on one lakh population.

Every year only thirty thousand become a doctor.

According to report, our country has a need of seven lakh doctors but every year only thirty thousand doctors came out after completing education from University.

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