Alive cockroaches out of the woman’s head, the doctor also surprised

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You must have heard of stomach worms, but if I tell you that Alive cockroach is found in the head of a woman. You will hardly believe. But it is true in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. After the operation, doctors are also shocked.

Being told that Selvi, 42 years of her age, who make their living working in homes that was resting at night. Suddenly, she realized that a bug in the left part of her nose is entering. At first, she ignored it but in a short while, there was tingling in his head.

When Trouble grows Selvi has thought that it is winter. She lay on the bed for the wait of the morning.

Selvi is quoted as saying that she is not able to tell what trouble was she in?

Shortly her eyes began to burn. The woman arrived at the hospital located near the house with his son-in-law. Doctors expected to raise her nose then they referred to another hospital. Other hospital doctors did not understand the actual problems of women. She panicked. When the Woman arrived at the third hospital then Doctors advised for the scan of her head. In the scan reports, such a thing like mobile as having her head.

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After all, Stanli Medical College Hospital ENT Department Head Doctor MN Shankar underwent endoscopies then they found alive cockroach is in Woman’s head. Doctors of that hospital’s found that Cockroach is moving around the space between the Nose and Head. Then 45 minutes after surgery remove the cockroach from the woman’s head.

Doctor MN Shankar told that if the cockroach dies then problems could increase. Thankfully that was cockroach was pulled alive. The doctors of that hospital’s told that Cockroach had reached to the head from the way of nostrils.

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Now The woman is safe and living their life happily.

Being told that similar incident was published in the year of 1994 in the Washington Newspaper. In that incident, a graduate student at George Washington University A cockroach entered in the way of the ear and reached the head.

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