OMG! Hungry snake swallowed a tennis ball

You will have heard many reports of people but it is the most separately than others.

In the City of Australia, Townsville. A snake swallowed a tennis ball by mistake. Landlord saw a snake in a strange position in his garden. At first, he was afraid when he looked a snake in his garden. But he saw Snake’s belly is floated like a shape of a bulb and he is troubling while the snake is walking.

Nowadays a video is viral by an organization that works on wildlife. More than 10 million people have watched this video, 75 thousand shares and More than three thousand people have already given their views. The organization said on the news when the landlord saw the snake then he informed immediately. Information of a snake the team had reached the home of landlord and the team caught and brought snake with him.

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Snake experts took X-rays in the laboratory. They found in X-rays that the bulb-like object is a tennis ball. Experts noticed that ball did not reach not so much inside in the stomach. They helped to bring out the ball from the snake’s stomach. As shown in the video that Experts had a lot of work until 45 minutes to out the ball from snake ‘s belly.

After carrying the ball out of the belly team kept snakes surveillance and gave medicines to him. In a few days, the snake was able to eat again in the normal way. When snake in healthy position then team left the snake again in the jungle. In the post of video snakes shown with X-Ray. Seeing the ball in the belly of the snake.

The team has shared the video with people that while shaking well before this incident, Snake was eating and the team left him to the jungle. The team says that their motive behind sharing videos is that In people, aims to create a sense of animal affection, Especially for reptiles. Because most people are afraid of reptiles while these creatures are very soft and beautiful.

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