Amazing methods to develop concentration

In the last article, i wrote about how you can develop attention. Attention is the basis of concentration. If you want to concentrate on a particular thing, you must be attentive to it.

Concentration is an indispensable tool to help control mental energy. All scholars and masters of mind related studies in its numerous forms have dedicated a considerable amount of time, thought and experience to this very important aspect of thought control to enable you to think only positive thoughts.

Proponents of positive thoughts as well as medical research in the field of neurology and psychology have proved that most people normally employ very low-level of concentration.

There for you must learn and practice techniques of deep concentration, as these will make you exercise your mental power.


Methods of developing concentration:

  • Sit in a relaxed position, close your eyes and concentrate on number one. When you start seeing it clearly, start quietly pronouncing the word ‘one’. Now forget the number one and start concentrating on number ‘two’, later on pronouncing the word ‘two’ quietly.
  • Concentrate on a blank point on the wall. Keep your mind blank, paying attention only to your breathing process. Keep counting each exhalation. Do it as long as you can.
  • Close your eyes again. Rid your mind of all thoughts and worries. Repeat the previous exercise of counting exhalations, breathing with the diaphragm at a normal rhythm.
  • Place a small object in front of you. A coin, a pencil, a candy, etc. Any small object will do the job. Concentrate on it while relaxing each muscle of your body. Observe the color, shape, volume and consistency of the object in front of you without allowing your mind to be diverted from it. Then close your eyes and tries visualizing the object. Reproducing all the details that you have observed.

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Concentration exercises with a candle:

  • Preparation: Dress in loose and light clothes without any belts, elastic or other accessories that might make you feel tied.
  • The master candle: Place a medium-sized, white candle in a corner of the room. Turn the lights off.
  • Relaxed position: Sit down in a comfortable chair some three meters away from the candle. Keep your back straight and put your hands on your thighs.
  • Concentration: Look at the flame without letting yourself being distracted, follow its oscillations, observe its color till you feel that nothing else exists in the world but this flame.
    Repeat this exercise daily, at least thrice a week until you master it.

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     The most important aspect of these exercises is to keep the mind clear. If at any point you feel that you are not concentrating, stop at once, take a break and start all over again. Do not let anything distract you while you do these exercises.

During deep meditation, the flow of concentration is as continuous as the flow of oil. We can not break this flow because we don’t want to .

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