Famous People and their reading habits

Reading is a good habit. Every one of us should read books. You should read the books you like. However, You should not copy others. Even, You can get the best stock of books on the online book rental library. In India, there are many online book rental libraries. You can Google and get the list of online rental libraries in India. You have to get a book rental membership to be the online library. This can help to get your favourite books easily. That news can bring a smile on your face. Let us tell you about famous people and their reading habits. There are many famous people in the world. In their busy schedule, they find time to read books. Learning makes you discover something new. You may be excited to know about the interesting reading habits of famous people.

Here are some of the famous people in the world and their reading habits.

Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet spends 5-6 hours of a day in reading books. He reads different types of newspaper every day. Therefore, he asks his investors to read the 500-page financial documents. Even he does the same. In the same way, he applies his knowledge in business decisions. Moreover, He can decide best for his company. Even he has given guarantee this is helpful for all. It happens only when you apply it.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is the former CEO of Microsoft. He needs no introduction. You all know about him. Coming to his reading habit, he reads 50 books in a year. You can calculate one book per week. His reading focuses on the non-frictional part and it covers up public health, engineering, business and science. Bill likes to read books on learning about the world. Moreover, he sits late at night to complete his novel.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Facebook. He reads the book every week. Zuckerberg emphasis on learning Cultures believes, history and technology. Books are used to explore a topic. You can immerse in that topic than media today. He decides to shift more towards reading a variety of books.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is the veteran talk show host. She advises her views to develop the reading habit. Winfrey has believed that reading is a path to freedom. Books help to explore the world beyond her porch and her grand mom’s house. She feels that books give the power to the possible things beyond our thinking. Books increase our thinking skills.

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban owns Dallas Mavericks. He treats the business as sports. He wants positive competitive spirit in the business. His workers are the wonders of his careers. He likes to read and write motivational stuff. Anyone can buy and magazines. They can get some information from them. It depends on them to grasp the knowledge from the books. He has his own library that has a great collection of books from the best authors.
Final Words

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Now after reading this post most of you can develop the habit of reading books. You should read books. You can develop new ideas. It can help you in the future. You can find books on the online platform. There is an online library in India. You can get the book by just becoming a member of the library. I think the inspiring ideas of famous people about books can push you towards reading.

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