Beauty sign of females: attractive hair style

How to take care of hair of Females?

Females of all the age group want that their hair should be long, beautiful, shining, soft and heavy. There is a need to care for your hair so that it cannot lose its beauty and remain evergreen beautiful. Nowadays the use of artificial conditioners had damaged the hair. Females of all the age groups suffer from common hair problems like lack of shine, dandruff, hair fall, whitening of hair, dullness and hair growth problems. Chemical made hair products are dangerous for the hair and can harm them badly. Many female use them but unaware of the fact that about their hair type. The product which they are using might be suitable different for different hair types. We all have seen the hair of our nani and dadi in the old age also shiny beautiful hair even have grayness but the beauty has overshadowed the grayness. They always preferred home remedies for their hair.

The following are simple tips to regain your hair beauty :
• Give oil massage to your hair to your hair before washing it and leave oil for two days on your hair.You can use any kind of hair oil which suits you better like coconut, almond etc.
• You’re using henna Mehndi to apply on your hair so for best results and long lasting results.You should before applying the mehndi wash your hair and then apply the Mehandi after removing the Mehandi apply hair oil and then shampoo your hair. Then you will feel that hardness in the hair after removing the Mehandi is reduced and your hair has become soft and shiny.
• The easy and simple remedy for soft and shiny hair is mix hair oil any type with dahi and make the mixture accordingly with your hair size and then apply it to the roots and scalp of the hair.Leave it for 2 hours and then wash your hair. See the positive change. You will be surprised.
• Use curd after washing your head to reduce dandruff.
• Ayurvedic medicines are available to use only prescribed by the doctor.
• Reduce gray hair wash your hair with amla water soak, amla powder for one night.
These are simple home remedies and the material required is easily available at our home.

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You might not see fast results but be calm and patience as you will definitely get long term positive results if followed properly and at regular interval of time.

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