How to lose weight? 5 Tips to boost your weight loss program

How to lose weight? 5 Tips to boost your weight loss program

1. Drop the fast food habit

Cut down on the packaged and processed foods; they are usually loaded with sodium, which may lead to bloating and a higher risk of heart problems. Whenever possible, eat fresh products and make your juices by adding dry fruits and veggies into the blender. Eliminate the white (rice, sugar, bread) and go for brown. Pick whole wheat atta over refined flour.

2. Eat seasonal fruits

Eat seasonal fruits from the local market instead of exotic imports found out of season. Seasonal fruits usually are rich in the compounds that the body needs e.g. guava and orange, rich in Vitamin C, hits the market in winter, just when you need that vitamin to guard against the common cold.

3. Stir-fry instead of deep-fry

The occasional samosa won’t bust your weight loss plan, but on a daily basis, stir-frying is a far better idea than deep-frying, as you can keep the calorie count low without sacrificing taste.

4. Increase metabolic rate

Eat several small meals a day. This gives the body repeated assurance that more food is coming -it stops hoarding calories and happily burns fat. A small meal doesn’t mean a bag of chips and vending machine coffee; it can be fruit, or dry fruits and unsalted nuts, or a small bowl of daal with a roti, or a bowl of oats.

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5. Do some light weight training

This builds muscle tone, giving the body a more sculpted look, and increases the body’s metabolic rate. A daily workout with light weights can be helpful. Make it a low-intensity workout. Even 5-10 minutes exercise a day is much better than nothing. It doesn’t take much to re-plan your lifestyle and achieve permanent weight loss.

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