This is how you can develop deep attention

Attention is what you need when it comes to learn some thing. You must be attentive during a class lecture to get the most of it. Briefly saying, attention is required in every situation where you need to learn anything.

The fundamental element of concentration is the ability to pay attention. This in turn depends on your willpower, or in other words on your dedication to exercise this faculty of mind even in everyday life. Of course you use attention whenever you need it: while studying or reading important news, while watching a film or a detective series on television, while doing something difficult or practicing a complex hobby as well as in conditions that do not permit any kind of carelessness such as crossing a road without zebra crossing.

In these and similar cases, you pay attention spontaneously, almost without the interference of your conscience because your mind is prepared. But children who have not got the experience to react that way, generally have a greater tendency to be distracted.

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     Here are some exercises that you can do for your goal of being more attentive.

  • In the street: Stop in a corner. Observe the buildings opposite and choose one. Observe it at length, from the main door to the roof. Check if there are shops in the ground floor. Count the number of floors, windows or balconies. And discover if it has any ornamental objects (grilles, plants, flowers, domestic objects, etc. ), Scrutinize architectonic details – the moulds of facade, the shop and size of the door, etc. Then close your eyes and try to reconstruct the building mentally
  • Listening to music: It does not matter where you listening to music, be it at a live concert, a recording or even at radio. Nor does the genre selected matter. What is important is that there are various performers and the listening could last between five to seven minutes. Choose an instrument and focus totally on listening to it throughout the number- for example, the bass in a jazz song, the violoncello in a symphony or the battery in a rock concert.
    This actually help you to develop your audio attention that can play a very important role in concentration and Visualization.
  • Watching a match: It could be of any (football, basketball, hockey, handball, etc.). Pay attention to an individual player. The general development of the game should not interest you much. Follow him or her constantly, whether he or she moves of remain silently motionless. We do not have to judge his or her efforts but should not let our attention slip from the individual even for a second. Try to maintain this activity for ten to fifteen minutes and keep increasing the time carefully in later sessions.

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These are only examples of exercises recommended in schools and mind study centers. You are free to adopt others that suits your lifestyle and circumstances better, the condition being that you must be able to practice the exercise with ease at any time, twice or thrice a day.

Talent without deep attention does not mean anything.

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