Turning Point in my life

A life is full of excitement and changes. We don’t know in future what will happen. Some incidents happen in our life that changes us. Most of us have faced life-changing incidents. Is it so or not? My motive of sharing my views with my readers so they can get to know about different kinds of the situation, we all have to face at different stages in our life. We can’t take everything granted.

Happy moments are there in life they are continued throughout life. It is not possible happiness and sadness are part of life and as same as success and failure. It is our view how we face them?

Some situations I have faced which have changed me a lot, not my looks but my behavior. Why does it happen when I have completed my graduation and I have become a center of attraction for the gossip ladies about my marriage. I am a simple person and value the inner beauty, not the outer beauty. In today world a simple person is not liked by anybody. Is it so or not? Ask yourself you will get the answer. One day I went to the park of my locality a group of ladies were sitting in the park and I greeted them as they were known to me. From the group, one said to my mother as she was there sitting in the park. Your daughter height is too short who will marry her? and then the whole group started taunting me.

I was not a person who can give prompt answers in such situations if somebody would say me something wrong tears rolled down from my eyes and I was speechless. I had thought that God will teach these kinds of bad people good lesson but I forgot that God will help those people who help themselves but that day I can’t even forget how come I got energy as I alone with the blames and taunts on me but the willingness to fight back gave me energy I taught them a great lesson and all the ladies mouth got shut, they were speechless. On that day I overcome my fear to not fight back. Then I promised to myself if anybody teases me how to fight back. Develop feeling in myself I am not worst. It is right.

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It is rightly said, “Where there is will, there is a way.”
Fight back to every wrong and say “Aab Baas” to every wrong happening to you and in the society.

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