Why everyone should watch my favourite tv shows?

I like to watch two of my favourite tv shows. The questions raised at the point, what is so special in my shows that you should watch? I like to watch daily soap operas. It will be a great experience for me If I could convince you to start watching my favourite shows. The two of the favourite shows are in the list of my favourites because of there content and the way it is been presented.Sometimes in spite of the great storyline and content but lack of presentation skills viewers cannot connect with the storyline.

One of my most liked show comes on Star Plus “Yeh Hai Mohabaatien” Staring Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya and Karan Patel leading starts of the show. The story revolves around Delhi and NCR region. It is about Ishita(Ishi Maa) played by Divyanka who is not getting married because she cannot become a mother, belongs to Iyer Brahmin family and dentist by profession. She has a soft corner for kids and she has lost her love because she cannot become a mom. Leading a sad life but shows she is happy for the family but her mom worries about her. Ishita mom believes in the horoscope and reads her horoscope and say that she will find a loving person today. On the other hand Bhalla family,Karan Patel as Raman Bhalla elder son of Bhalla family successful CEO of a company ditched by his wife Shagun who broke their 5 year marriage alliance and went to Raman boss Ashok Khanna, being depressed with the incidence Raman worked very hard and become CEO of the company but in this journey both of the kids Aditya and Ruhi suffered both neighbours Bhalla and Iyer’s family plans wedding of Raman and Ishita to save Ruhi custody as Aditya is with Shagun, after seen love and affection of Ruhi and Ishita. Ruhi gives Ishita trophy of best mom.

The show has shown many good things that need to be followed as Ruhi got a loving and caring mom as Ishi ma and her own mom Shagun leaves her, we have a bad feeling about the step mom by watching the show it can prove you wrong. Ishita take care of Raman family and Raman also take care of Ishita parents. As a life changer Ishita come in the life of Ruhi and Aditya and gives them a new life and take them out from the ruined life. Many instances of the show I would like to share which actually important to change the mindset of the society.

Raman a big business man and rich person his son Aditya did wrong deed being under 18 drives car and do accident, hit Ishita mom and she gets badly injured Raman as father of Aditya not support him and get arrested him to the police when he got to know the truth as the family members try to hide the truth. We all know that good people and big business have enemies,they tries to ruin Raman by publishing fake article in the newspaper about girl child abuse that Raman,when his wife Shagun was expecting second child want a boy but got girl Ruhi but Raman as a father proves to the society the news is fake by telling all the likes and dislikes to Ruhi in front of the business officals and show his care for Ruhi and not care of his business meeting. The shows have many highlights both Raman and Ishita loves the family a lot and a missing aspect nowadays been portrayed in the best way is a family bond. The countless positive aspects of the show made me the fan of the show to know more about the show you have to watch the show.
My another favourite show is Kya Haal Mr Paanchal comes on Star Bharat a newly-premiered channel. The story is about mother and son Kunti and Kanhiya living in Meerut. Kunti is looking a prospective bride for Kanhiya, his son and rejects many girls as she want a girl have 5 good values that beauty, brain, religious, good in cooking and love her son. Rejecting many girls both mother and son become a funny attraction among the people, she gets upset when the people makes fun of her and her son. Kunti with his son Kanhiya goes to Lord Shiva temple and prays to god give her daughter in law according her wishes.

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Lord Shiva fulfills her wish and gives five different people with each good value in each of the girls.The names of girls starting as Pari-beauty, Prathna -religious, Panjiri-good in cooking, Prema- love, Prathiba-intelligent and highly qualified all the five married to Kanhiya. The title of the show is fantastic and goes well with the storyline.As the story proceeds further how Kaniya adjusts with all five wives and mother is shown. A great job was done by the creative team as put the light on the issue that it is not justified what you want you to give get it every time and there is strength and weakness in every person and greed have no end. Comedy timing is just awesome.

If I will share with you all about my favourite tv shows now. What will be left for you to watch?
Hope so you will like the tv shows.

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