Kapil Sharma says Sunil Grover is my brother

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Comedian Kapil Sharma cleared the news of the fight in the serial ‘The Kapil Sharma show’ with the co-star Sunil Grover. Kapil has written the Facebook post as “unnecessary”. However, the Facebook post is getting clear that he had a fight with Sunil Grover. He has this feud as a family matter. Kapil has also said that people do not describe the war their fights. This is a family dispute. It will be resolved soon. Comedian Kapil Sharma has written, ‘I came to know that my fight with Sunil Grover has been done. Where does the news come from? What is the purpose behind spreading this news? If I have a quarrel with Sunil then who saw? Who spread this news, how much is his credibility?

Kapil Sharma has called Sunil Grover as a brother. He wrote, ‘We eat together, travel together. Although I get my brother from time to time, I get to meet all the teammates including Sunil every day. I love them (Sunil), respect them.

Yes, I have a debate with them, are we not normal? I screamed for the first time in five years. So much so that brother … we sit and talk, then where the problem is? I love him as an artist and man.

Kapil Sharma did not stop here, further wrote, ‘He (Sunil) is like me big brother. I respect the media, but should not focus on serious matters instead of paying attention to these things? Is the concern of mine and Sunil related to the security of the country?

Do not take too much pleasure in our relationships, we will resolve our dispute. Now I am tired of writing and writing. Now one thing and I am going to the final schedule of my film ‘Firangi’ now.

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Ha ha ha sorry again started promoting. Thanks for your love and blessings. Always laugh and be happy. kisses to all.’

Because of this Sunil and Kapil Sharma fight

It is known that while returning from Australia Kapil Sharma lost his temper in the flight and he also abused his wife Gulshan, who played the character of Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi on his show.

The incident took place when Sunil had sat on Kapil’s seat, Kapil reached with him and started abusing him. In a while, he grabbed the collar of Sunil and raised his hand to him too. Although Sunil did not respond to Kapil’s slogans and slap, he kept quiet.

Kapil tells Sunil Servant

Reports of the sources related to the show were reported in the media that Kapil said to Nasheel, “You are my servant, your show was a flop.” Let’s say that the Kapil Sharma, which is aired on Sunil Soni, is an important part of the show. In the last show, which was broadcast on Kapil’s Colors, he was featured in the role of Gutthi in Comedy Nights with Kapil. Sunil had left the show in the middle and had brought his own separate show on Star Plus. The show was not successful, and he had returned to the Comedy Nights. Last year when Kapil had a fight with the makers of Colors, then Sunil stood with him and became part of Kapil’s new show.

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