This Is How Your Feelings Affects Your Work

According to a research letter featured in The Personality and Social Psychology Bulatin, our thoughts affects our feelings and our feelings affects our work. Whenever we think, whatever we think, it is in the form of an image. An image in mind is called imagination. Whenever we watch a movie, our mood changes accordingly. If the movie is of a comedy genre, our mood changes and we become happy. If, on the other hand, there is a sad part or the ending of the movie is sad, our mind sets itself accordingly and our mood become sad. Same happen with our mental movie, the movie of our thoughts, our imagination.

When we finish a job correctly, we become full of energy. But in opposite conditions, we need more energy. Our mood raises the energy level of our mind if it is positive. So it is essential that we think positive, always play a happy mental movie inside our mind. The energy out of it can be used to achieve the goal if accessed early or you will have to do it after a failure.

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Joy changes your mood to a mood of action. Actions causes results. But sometimes, even after good efforts we do not achieve desired results. But the key is, not to stick to the results and wait for the right time. Waiting for the right time does not mean that you sit and stare and don’t do anything. You have to get up, work harder this time. And if you have worked harder enough, you will get the desired results and you will realize that it is the right time. If you want to succeed, make it your habit to do new and challenging things.

People who are successful fix a time limit to do their work. They eliminate the things they do not have to do from their doing. They do not depend on other to do their work. They do not wait for the help of their boss or their collage nous to help them. They do everything by themselves. They work with a plan. They set their at least next three steps what they will take. You too can fix your doings for the following week in the free time you get, and how to do them.

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Think before you sleep every night about how was your day, what mistakes you made, what you learnt from them and how to react the next time you face the same condition. Save your energy. Do not waste it in useless things. If you are not joyful, it doesn’t mean that you are lazy and you do not have any aim. It just mean that you just have to change the movie inside. Results will talk, you do not have to tell anyone you are working.

Your craze for the work and results make you successful.

Life is like a dream. But it needs efforts to build it.

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