10 steps to achieve prosperity

  • Commit yourself to the desires of your heart: The first thing is to establish contact with our own deepest desires. Frequently these deep desires do not have any relation with our ideas of what we desire. On eliminating ‘i should’ we become like a magnet that attracts toward us the necessary circumstances needed to convert what we are looking for into reality.
  • Decide on your priorities: After getting in touch with the desires that move you, it is important to draft a plan of action that will help you to achieve them. In some cases, the priority to be accorded to each action is obvious but in other cases, you may have to organise them.
  • Achieve a vision of your goal: Visualization is a powerful tool to make your dreams come true. Develop the power of your imagination.
  • Love the options you chose: If you do what you love, the energies of the universe will always support and accompany you. If you can not do what you love, atleast love what you do.

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  • Be grateful: Bring to consciousness the fact that all that you desire is already yours, although it is not yet manifested. It is essential to show gratitude before receiving. Because a grateful heart is a heart ready to receive.
  • Accept what is offered to you: Being ready to accept what life has in store for you is a fundamental step towards greater Wealth.
  • Declare it like a fact: Once you have committed and expressed your gratitude, fortify it with words. Say for example ‘i take it for granted.’ The spoken word has an enormous power when said from the bottom of the heart.
  • Act: As soon as you start acting and see progress, you will feel a relief which will help you relax and open up to new ideas.
  • Surrender yourself to the ‘true being’: Now that you have charged up your intentions with energy, thanks to Visualization, you have installed love in it, have experience gratitude and have taken some actions. The only thing to do is leave it in God’s hands.

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The language of right side of the brain and that of subconscious mind is imagination. By imagining and visualizing your objectives, you will direct your secret energies directly toward fulfilling them. The brain does not understand the difference between reality and fantasy. What you think you are, you will be. When you visualize some thing concretely and in a well defined way, your brain starts working relentlessly to achieve what you have visualized.

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