Four Best Bollywood Saas-Bahu Jodis

You may find that our leading women in Bollywood play horrible mother-in-law in the movies. Actually, in reality, the scene is different. The Bollywood bahu and saas have strong bonding. However, it does not look that they are saas-bahu.As if, they best friends roaming around. You can find them hanging out at parties and other social events.

Here is some best saas-bahu Jodi of Bollywood.

• Aishwarya Rai and Jaya BachchanSaas-Bahu


Ashwariya and Jaya are the most famous Bollywood personalities. It is good to see the inspirational bond between Ashwariya and Jaya. Both of them understand each other and respect their work. However, you can find them always enjoying each other company. Even they share their dresses with each other.

Rani Mukherjee and Pamela Chopra

Rani and Pamela share a special bond even before Rani married to Aditya. However, you all know Rani is the first choice of the Yash Chopra movies. She has a great chemistry with Pamela and Yash Chopra. Even you see them sharing their meals in the shooting. This is how a natural bond has grown between Rani and Pamela.

• Kareena Kapoor and Sharmila Tagore

This is a beautiful saas bahu Jodi. Kareena and Sharmila look great together. However, both them are the bold actors of the Bollywood. Yet have a special bond among them more than saas and bahu. Both of them step together one word to describe them is royal. Kareena and Sharmila are the part of Royal Pataudi family.

• Kajol and Veena Devgan

The bond between Kajol and Veena is such that every girl wants with her mom in law. However, both of them have an understanding between them. This is necessary for every relationship. Veena understands Kajol’s commitment towards the work. Therefore, she helps Kajol by caring for the kids and the house. You can see both the lovely women in social events and Bollywood parties.

The Final Words- Whether working together and hanging out with friends. This saas bahu Jodi’s compliment each other. Therefore, they have a special connection between them. This makes their relationship strong. You all want that this relationship should stay forever.

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