How to Configure Google in Outlook after two factor authentication?

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You all have the two-factor authentication of Google in Outlook so as to protect the Google Apps from the hackers. As only you can get the verification code via your mobile phone your account will be more secured in the two-step verification. Using email clients to receive emails to protect your Google Apps Accounts is very essential for us. It does not only give you access to your email anytime even without network connection but also protect your important information better.

However, after setting up the two-step verification, many people using the email clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird couldn’t receive mails from their accounts anymore. A list of some easy steps will help you out in the process of configuration and it is important to read and follow the steps because sometimes there some list of instructions in the process which need to be saving for the future.

The way to configure Microsoft Outlook for Google Apps two-step verification:

Step1. Create Application Specific Password
If you’re already using the Outlook application, you will not be able to receive emails after enabling the two-step authentication. This is so because you have added one more password layer and Outlook or other Email clients cannot ask for the verification codes now onwards. So as to make it work properly, you will need to create an application specific password and it in place of your normal password. You have to go the Google App passwords in your Google Account Settings to generate the password.

The window should be kept open or take a screenshot of the window and save it somewhere because it will not be shown again.

Step2. Configure Google App Mails
• Go to the Google App mail account-Mail settings-Forwarding and POP/IMAP and then choose the Enable POP for all mail options as shown below.
• You have to save the settings before leaving.

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Step 3. Configure Microsoft Outlook
• To configure the Outlook program, go to Tools-Account Settings and then you have to click on New to create a new email account.
The next step when another window opens that requires to choose Email service and you have select Microsoft Exchange, POP 3, IMAP or HTTP and then click Next.

• Select the checkbox “Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server types” in the Auto Account Type Window.
• Choose email service to select the Internet Email and Click Next.
• Fill the required information.
• Click on More Settings button to go to Outgoing Server Tab and Check the Box.
• Now Go to the Advanced Tabs and then select the box This server requires the encrypted connection (SSL) under Incoming Server (POP 3) port the number as 995 and the Outgoing Server (SMTP) port number as 587.Use TLS as Encrypted Connection.
• Now just click on OK and Test Account Settings it should work properly from now onwards.

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