How to save your teeth?

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Attract to people beautiful smile is very important. For the beautiful smile, white pearl teeth are needed. But most people due to yellowish or blackish in the tooth they don’t talk and neither laughs in front of someone openly. Even if the person is openly laughing with Yellowing of the tooth then anyone punctuates him. Due to which the person’s personality like so bad as well as the person also feels enormous shame. If you in your daily life are facing such embarrassment over the teeth so now you need not worry. Today, we are going to tell you such a Domestic recipe. In just 2 minutes, using which you will find white and bright teeth.

To protect teeth clean your tooth better. Make sure to brush twice a day. The best time to brush after taking the food. Choose a toothbrush with a small head so he could reach back tooth. Soft bristle brushes are better for gums, Use them.

A variety of drinks is also harmful to our tooth. Therefore, soft drinks, fruit juices Cordials take in limited amounts, because they are acidic and can damage your tooth. The acidic substance may dissolve the minerals in tooth enamel. This sometimes seems to be holes in the teeth. And teeth seem to be weak.

Sugar diets are harmful to the tooth with health Avoid the intake of sugar-rich diet. The bacteria present in the bottom of the tooth, which converts sugars into acid. Therefore the use of a limited amount of sugar in your food.

Our body gets energy from the intake of fruit and protects against disease. There are some fruits which protect teeth from cavities; therefore it is important to eat plenty of fruits. Eat Fruits such apples, carrots, etc.

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Water removes toxins from our body also keep our digestive system as well as the smooth. It also helps in maintaining the tooth white and bright. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.

Do not take all these things from the tooth they become a problem for it. If you use your teeth to break the nut, remove the cap of the bottle or packaging If you get your teeth or take the risk of breakdown, Avoid doing so.

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