Want to redress from Tension, then take support of Birds.

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Do you have too much stress and you are looking for ways to get rid of it? According to experts, 90 percent of the patients to doctors are due to tensions-related illness. If this situation persists for a long time for too many physical and mental problems.

A rapidly changing environment which has an impact on our body and mind that is called Tension. Tension has two types – First Good Tension and second is Bad Tensions.

Today everyone is working with tensions. Some people have the tension of their career, some have a wedding, which is married, and they have their marriage life tension, some have tension due to having no children, some has tension due to their child.

When we are Tensed the following happens with us:

Blood Pressure rises

Breathing becomes more rapid

Digestive system slowdown

Headache increase

Muscles become tense

A study has revealed that if you live in the neighborhood of trees, bushes and the chirping of birds that you are less likely to be depressed or anxious. According to the researchers of Exeter University, British Trust for or ornithology and Queensland University. Those who saw many birds in the evening viewed in him Depression, stress, and anxiety. The study published in the journal Bioscience that Birds around their homes, bushes, and trees are able to see Get to see an improvement in their mental health.

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Daniel Cox of Exeter University said: “This study shows that some components of nature play an important role in our mental health. Around the house, the birds and nature indicate in general to restore our health keep cities healthy environment Maintain and pleasant living environment. Study by Cox also recently showed that People feel comfortable to look at birds and to relate to nature

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