How to improve eyesight? 14 Tips to improve eyesight!

How to improve eyesight? Here are some tips for making your eyesight last forever.

how to improve eyesight

  1. In the morning, walking barefooted in the grass increases the lifetime of our eyes i.e. your eyesight.
  2. If your job is to be sitting on a computer continuously, you should remove your eyes from the computer screen at some regular intervals and give them an opportunity to relax. Keeping your eyes constantly wrapped on a computer screen can make your eyes feel unhealthy.
  3. If you are going out in the sun, use UV protective lens glasses to protect your eyes from sunlight.
  4. If you like to lay or bent down while you study, stop doing so, because lying and bending down while studying affects your eyesight.
  5. Take full sleep, the irregularities in sleep and not taking full sleep can also reduce your eyesight. So you should take at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep.
  6. Amla and milk intake can make even the weak eyesight better. Start eating amla and milk empty stomach in the morning.
  7. Before sleeping in the night clean your eyes by washing them with cold water. Washing your eyes every night before sleep has1 good effects on eyes and your eyes remain clean and healthy.
  8. Early in the morning, fill the cold water in the mouth and flush it out.
  9. By consuming cauliflower, orange and tomato in the food, your eyesight will gradually become good.
  10. Have your eyes checked by a good doctor at least once in a year?
  11. Massage the mustard oil on the soles of the feet.
  12. As soon as you wake up in the morning, rub your hands together and put them on your eyes. The warmness so produced reduces the weakness of the eyes.
  13. Even reading a book on a moving bus or a car can damage the eyes, so never do this.
  14. To clean the eyes, use rose water and cold and clean water.

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